Membership Qualification

Membership is open to all residents, 18 years of age or older, or entities located within the geographic area commonly known as the Northwest District or in one of the six surrounding districts known as Arlington Heights, Goose Hollow, Hillside, Linnton, NINA, and NWDA for a period of at least thirty (30) consecutive days immediately prior to making application for membership. “Entities” are defined as non-resident property owners, business licensees, government agencies, or nonprofit organizations. An entity may only be represented by an individual who is an owner, operator, officer, or director, or employee of the entity and specifically designated as the entity representative in writing on entity letterhead. Each member shall be entitled to one vote, regardless of multiple bases for membership (such as an owner of multiple properties or both a resident and entity representative).

In order to become and to remain a member of NNCC, you have a valid US Mail address corresponding to your residence or to the business or property you represent. It is the responsibility of members to notify NNCC of any change of address. If we are unable to reach you by US Mail directed to your address of record, your name will be removed from the NNCC membership roster. Persons whose names have been removed may reapply for membership.

Procedure for Admission

Any person or entity desiring to become a member shall complete either a printed, physical application (available for down load here) or shall furnish the same information via NNCC’s on-line application form.  In either case, the applicant must also provide acceptable proof of residence or other qualification for membership as outlined below.

Applications submitted are reviewed by the Board of Directors at their next Board meeting following receipt of the application and, if not challenged by any member of the Board of Directors at that meeting, the applicant becomes a member. Any challenge must be based upon criteria for membership, and the Board of Directors by majority vote may uphold such challenge and withhold membership, upon its sole authority.

Acceptable proof of residence / qualification for membership includes:

  • For residents, a copy of a driver’s license or utility bill
  • For property owners, a copy of a property tax statement or deed.
  • For business owners or other entities, a copy of a business license or a utility bill or a property tax statement. If the business or entity owner will not personally serve as the representative of the business member, the owner may designate a single delegate to perform this function. Designation of a delegate shall be in the form of a delegate designation letter from the business or property owner etc. naming the delegate as its designated as the entity representative. The letter must be on letterhead and must be signed by an individual having the authority to make this designation. The designation letter should accompany the membership application and the proof of residence materials.

Completed physical, printed applications with proof of residence / eligibility may be mailed to:

NW Neighborhood Cultural Center
P.O. Box 96116
Portland, OR 97296-6002